Welcome to our Workshops!

>> “Welcome to Berlin!”
THE workshop for all those who have just arrived (or still feel like they had just arrived…), with lots of very useful information, from finding an appartment and buying the right U-Bahn ticket, to meeting locals and internationals, finding the best way to learn German and understanding some particularities you should know about Germany… >>

>> “Where are you on the Culture Shock Line?”
Don’t worry: you are not alone when it comes to questions like “why the hell did I ever decide to come here…??”. Which means at the same time: whichever your crisis is at the moment: there are ways to get out of it again!

>> “Stay in Line with the German Law”
How to avoid unpleasant encounters & surprises: from Anmeldung and alcohol limits to Pfandrückgabe and U-Bahn tickets. Find out more! >>

>> “Write your German CV!”
Learn how to write a CV that German employers will like! >>

>> “Job Interview in Germany”
How does a German job interview look like? Which questions are typically being asked? How can you get prepared? Find out in this workshop >>